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Danny and Dinah Wade grew up in the same small town of Gilmer in northeastern Texas, where they were high school sweethearts. After Danny graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1977, they were married.  Dinah graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1978 and taught high school.  The Air Force sent them to various locations in subsequent years. Danny was a career officer and pilot in the Air Force, and retired in 1994.  He completed a Master's degree in Business Management in 1984.  Both have been involved in Christian ministry in various capacities for over 20 years.  After retiring from military life, Dinah and Danny both pursued graduate degrees in biblical counseling at Colorado Christian University under the direction of Drs. Larry Crabb and Dan Allender. After graduating, they returned to Texas to complete their Christian counseling internships, and later founded Grace Counseling Center in 2000. They have both had an active counseling practice in the area since 1996. Dinah has been a school teacher, a Bible teacher, and a counselor among her many other roles. Danny has served churches as a deacon and elder, most recently at their former church in San Antonio, Texas. Their daughter, Sarah, is married to Rob, and they have three children. Their son, Ben, is married to Jenny, living in Seattle.

Danny and Dinah often work with struggling marriages for purposes of enrichment and healing, and their counseling practices include working with adult and adolescent individuals with various kinds of issues. They are very open about talking with people about their own life stories as they relate to their lives and story. They are available for lectures and seminars concerning a wide variety of issues.

Individual,marital, family and group counseling is available.  Seminars and weekend retreats for couples, individuals or groups are also available.


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Our business is located at 121 Rosewood Avenue in Boerne, Texas (just 1/2 block off Main Street).